Are Pod Hotels Ideal Today?

Of course, even with all those positives being said, capsule and pod hotels also bring some disadvantages to the plate, which you don’t typically expect in the usual hotel room. And while many would argue that the pros far outweigh the cons, we’d like to challenge your memory of just how good they were during your last stay and how these hotels fair in today’s circumstances of a global pandemic.

Pod Hotels

A Mismatch Of Pros & Cons 

Yes, there are multiple positives to staying in a pod hotel, and with many countries easing travel restrictions, it’s also one of the best ways to free yourself of the monotonous daily cycle you’ve conjured at home. However, one major critique of the pros is that they are evenly mismatched with cons that put your weighing scale in conflict, which almost always edges out onto the opposing side.

  • Perfect For Backpackers But Zero Privacy: Any veteran backpacker will understand the importance of landing a great deal and getting the most out of your budget by sticking with affordable options. But, even though a pod hotel is significantly cheaper than most hotels you will find, they also come at the cost of your privacy. What’s worse, even if these pods have some form of sound-dampening to have the space to yourself, you can still hear the echoes from loud sleepers and late-night conversations.
  • Don’t Expect A Luxury Experience: While we don’t typically expect to have a luxury experience when sleeping inside a pod or capsule, the comfort and accessibility of specific amenities are a far cry from any traditional hotel or Airbnb. And while that may not be bothersome for different kinds of people, getting a good night’s rest after traveling all day inside a pod might be more challenging than it initially sounds.
  • Not For The Claustrophobic Travelers: Last but not least, these pod and capsule hotels are an absolute no-go for any backpacker or travel enthusiasts with a tendency to be claustrophobic. Sure, some do feature certain pods with a bit more space, but most will hardly give you any room to stretch your legs, and that’s not accounting for the stuffy feeling of air.

When Accounting For Covid-19, The Drawbacks Are Greater

Furthermore, once we consider that we are still in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the drawbacks and risks become far more significant to the point wherein an affordable travel destination won’t make the cut as worth it. And because the future of traveling and planning our itineraries demands that we practice social distancing and follow health and safety guidelines, it only fits that we consider how pod hotels fair in today’s new normal.

  • Distance And Physical Contact Becomes An Issue: If you’ve seen the layout of pods and capsules, then you can immediately deduce that distance and physical contact becomes a glaring issue because there’s only but a small wall separating you from each other. And given the fact that you will share common spaces such as lockers and a bathroom, staying a safe distance of six feet from each other becomes increasingly difficult.
  • Central Air Conditioning Systems Are Not The Best: Ventilation plays a considerable role in guaranteeing your safety against the virus, and because pod hotels utilize a central air conditioning system to keep the pods cool, ventilation becomes a huge risk factor. Yes, many pod and capsule hotels have taken actionable steps toward addressing this concern, but we think it’s far safer to avoid the risk entirely if possible.
  • Cleaning Frequency Must Increase: Guests come and regularly go because schedules are strict and standardized in pod hotels; however, this also means that an increase in cleaning frequency must be observed. With so many people in and out, it can be hard to keep track of what needs cleaning and getting the cleaning done on time, so there is an inherent risk in this sector.

Of Course, Everyone’s Got Their Travel Niche

Overall, we know that everyone’s got their travel niche, and while others might enjoy halibut fishing tours in calm waters, there’s also the group who want pod hotels just as much. So, if you plan on following through with any pod hotel plans, stay vigilant and proactive about the risks we pointed out.

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