Just ultimate week it turned into introduced that Taco Bell could be opening a pop-up hotel in Palm Springs, California. As luxury stays cross, this wasn’t precisely an enjoy in quality eating and Michelin big name delicacies. However, it did offer guests the possibility to let their Taco Bell freak flag fly. The pop-up offered room service, dive-in movies on the pool, a “Freeze Lounge” devoted to the Mountain Dew Baja Blast, and even Taco Bell-inspired nail art.

The 70-room motel, with its quick, 4-day, taco-themed run had rooms beginning at $241. It becomes enough to melt any Taco Bell fanatic’s heart, that’s why the news that reservations bought out in just minutes wasn’t too tremendous a shock.

But in step with a current report from Fast Company, Taco Bell is leaning toward a permanent fixture. In an emailed assertion to Skift, Taco Bell already sees itself as “already within the hospitality commercial enterprise.” Already, Taco Bell has invested in an idea restaurant called The Cantina, that’s more layout forward than its different fast-food places, even going to date as to serve alcohol. With plans to open extra than 300 places by using 2022, Taco Bell hopes that a hotel fixture will be an extension of that.

For some, the idea of staying interior a Taco Bell-themed inn seems each bizarre and useless. When the advertising consists of the promise of Taco Bell delivered your room instantly, want we remind you that there is such a factor as Uber Eats?

But Taco Bell seems to be getting into familiar territory, that of groups looking for to create a life-style out of a brand. Just examine Equinox – the health emblem this is loved with the aid of celebrities and regular customers alike – beginning a hotel in New York. Both Equinox and Taco Bell are capitalizing on the trend that sees consumers ways much more likely to buy into an revel in, in preference to just a product.

This isn’t constrained to hospitality alone. As we’ve increasingly more grown familiar with, fast food chains are coming into the style enterprise, re-defining what merch looks like. High fashion has oft-loved collaboration with the fast meals brands, as visible in Telfar’s ongoing collaboration with White Castle and Moschino’s McDonald’s series. But of their character interests, these corporations have opted no longer for the clout that a clothing tablet should generate, but have instead produced some of the merchandise that no one genuinely desires – but appears to need regardless.

In 2016, KFC brought the “extra crispy” SPF30 sunscreen, scented similar to its well-known hen. The release turned into limited to three,000 loose bottles made to be had through a committed KFC internet site, all of which had been snapped up nearly without delay. There changed into also Burger King’s “Flame-Grilled” Perfume, a scent which was launched solely in Japan for a restricted period in 2015. It cost $ forty-one, with a complimentary Whopper thrown in for consumers.
Of course, now not one to miss out on a very good factor, McDonald’s entered the world of wide-ranging merch. With photographs in their signature Big Mac and other edibles, it’s now feasible to cover your home with burger wallpaper, even as sporting an all-over print onesie, snuggled up in a branded dozing bag. Even dogs can be a part of the celebration, thanks to a Big Mac puppy jacket.

As Rachel Tashjian, style functions editor at Garage Magazine explains in an interview with Fashionista, “Restaurants have, like many other elements of lifestyle, turn out to be passionate about identity and branding, such that what and wherein you consume says something about who you’re. People like to show off that they belong to tribes.”

Of course, these manufacturers are catering to their first-rate fanatics. But as seems possible, there are sufficient of them to look such things come to fruition. With that during thoughts, we wouldn’t be amazed if the Taco Bell resort became a permanent fixture, with a worldwide rollout to comply with.


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