Audrey Eyton, writer of famous 80s weight loss plan the F-plan, dies aged eighty two

Audrey Eyton, the female who created the F-plan weight loss plan, has died at 82. The British author, who founded Slimming magazine in 1970, was determined useless at her domestic in Canterbury, Kent, on Monday.


News of her passing became confirmed through a trustee on the Matthew Eyton Animal Welfare Trust, an installation for Eyton’s son in 1991. He paid tribute to the “committed champion for farmed animals” who promoted veganism lengthy earlier than it became mainstream.

Eyton invented the F-plan, a high-fiber, 1,500-calorie-a-day weight-reduction plan, in the 1980s and published an e-book on it in 1982 international bestseller. It was considered a revolutionary concept and became a cultural phenomenon, a feat that the low-carb Atkins diet might repeat in the 2000s.

Because adherents of the F-plan generally tend to feel fuller for longer than those eating different ingredients, the eating regimen becomes located to reduce urges among human beings to overeat.

Since then, studies have continued to indicate the fitness blessings of ingesting wholemeal bread and bran flakes, with 2014 take a look at suggesting that people who suffered a heart attack benefited from increasing their fiber consumption. Other studies have located links between excessive-fiber diets, stroke and coronary heart failure prevention, and lower blood glucose and weight.

However, some followers of the weight-reduction plan discovered that the skilled immoderate flatulence, at the same time as others disliked the texture of fibrous food. Nonetheless, it becomes lauded as a manner to shed pounds with outgoing hungry.

The trustee, who no longer gave a name, said Eyton became “razor-sharp, extremely funny, and thoroughly specific” and could be “neglected by using everybody who knew her.”

“Audrey became a committed champion for farmed animals. She instinctively spotted a first-rate marketing campaign or terrific idea and could paintings tirelessly on it until it succeeded,” the trustee said. “She also becomes a champion of ladies and sought out woman pro-animal campaigners to mentor and support.

“Audrey changed into a woman beforehand of her time. She subsidized veganism and vegan businesses lengthy earlier than the movement has become mainstream. She had faith that corporations like Veganuary might pressure the modifications that defend animals and sluggish down climate change.”

Explaining why she created Slimming mag in a 2013 interview with Lancashire Live, Eyton stated: “My husband and I commenced what was the primary magazine entirely committed to weight-reduction plan and slimming – there has been no such thing then, even though there’s pretty a few now. No one imagined you might have a magazine just on slimming commonly.”

On publishing the F-Plan Diet e-book, she said: “People truly didn’t apprehend a whole lot approximately dietary fiber. It became the primary British weight loss plan to be a large bestseller and offered 4 million copies. I toured the world. It became a hit in America and Australia, and New Zealand – there were loads of foreign places variants. It becomes a laugh, but once more, callous work.”

Later in lifestyles Eyton worked in animal welfare and campaigned in opposition to the animal agriculture enterprise. “I’m very devoted to animals – manufacturing facility farming is something I hate,” she informed Lancashire Live.

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