Before the Storm: Home Services You Need to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

Hurricanes are one of the scariest natural disasters. Compared to earthquakes or volcano eruptions that can be devastating, storms happen more consistently, making them the number one reason why homes and buildings in the U.S. are damaged every year. It even has caused more expenses than any other natural disaster out there.

Home for a Hurricane

Hurricanes have cost the U.S. more than $1 trillion between the years 1980 and 2020. That’s a fraction of the country’s GDP and is considered the most expensive natural disaster in the country. Unfortunately, it can also be costly for homes that aren’t prepared for the hurricane.

For those unprepared, a hurricane can cost them their home. Some might have to do repairs upwards of $5,000 on average. Of course, hurricanes are costly, but experts claim that homes prepared for such a disastrous event tend to spend less in the aftermath. Many equipped homes even stand against the hurricane unscathed.

With this in mind, it’s much better to prepare your home for an upcoming hurricane than save for when it hits. So spend the money you have right now on these home services to ensure that your home stays safe during a storm.

Home Inspector

The very first person you should contact is your home inspector. They need to look in your home regarding its sturdy and where you need to make some changes.

A home inspector is crucial in preparing your home for a hurricane because they have expertise better than anyone else, especially if you live in disaster-prone areas. They’ll know what kind of project your home needs against natural disasters. They can also tell if your home has foundational issues that need to be fixed before a storm arrives.

Another thing that your home inspector can offer to you is insurance contacts. Hurricane insurance is usually a rider of casualty insurance in where it covers damages from natural disasters like tornadoes, gale, hurricanes, and the like. Your home inspector can help you contact a well-known insurance provider, especially in that region of the country.


Once you’ve found the necessary fixes your home needs, a contractor must make these fixes.

Contractors and home inspectors work hand-in-hand, preparing your home for an impending disaster. They will implement the necessary fixes and changes your home needs so that it won’t take too much damage during a storm. Furthermore, they will ensure that you and your family will stay safe when the hurricane does hit.


The next thing you should be worrying about is your pipes. Floods are one of the main reasons hurricanes are so devastating, and many areas in the U.S. are prone to flooding.

If your area is prone to flooding, then consider getting a plumber to inspect your house. They can check whether if your pipes need changing or fortifying for the upcoming storm. Remember that you don’t want sewage to come up to your home when a flood hits, so ask your plumber if they can block your drainage just in case that happens.

Plumbers play a significant role in proactively preparing your home for a hurricane. However, they can be there during emergencies as well. Make sure that you can quickly contact an emergency plumber. You never know when floods will hit your home or when your pipes might give in from the surge of water. So it’s good to have a plumber ready to repair any damages the hurricane might have caused to your pipes.


After a hurricane hits, your home and its surrounding will be a huge mess. In the aftermath, it’s much better to hire some landscapers or cleaners to do the clean-up for you so that you can go back to your everyday life.

The aftermath of a storm is never good, and although your home might be safe from the preparation you’ve done, we can’t say about your surroundings. People tend to hire home services to clean up for them because they’re not too expensive when you compare it to the job they will be doing. Furthermore, they can do it much faster than your family.

If you want to live usually right after a hurricane, then you’re going to need cleaners and landscapers to do the clean-up for you.

By the end of the day, you’re going to spend some of your funds on these home services, and you might ask yourself, is it worth it? If you ask yourself this question, consider that you’re protecting lives by doing these things, not just you’re home. So, yes, it is worth it, and every cent will go into keeping your family safe against such a disaster.

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