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Customer carrier from FBD, Eir and Aer Lingus fails to make the grade

“At the time of the communique, there has been an unsettled coverage declare against me, which I was informed caused my renewal rate being so high-priced,” he says. “I become additionally told by the consultant that no other insurance business enterprise might insure my automobile while there was an open claim against me. This left me with a little alternative; however, to renew my coverage,” he keeps. “The representative told me that once the claim in opposition to me became closed, I could get hold of a letter informing me of this and that if I forwarded this letter to them that there may be a money-back due on my coverage.

Customer carrier from FBD, Eir and Aer Lingus fails to make the grade 11


Then, closer to the end of March’s final year, he acquired the best phrase from FBD that they declare were settled. “On Monday 26th March 2018, I contacted FBD/No Nonsense Insurance once more, through a smartphone, and I defined that I had obtained a letter informing me that the declare were closed and other applicable information. “My aim becomes to inquire as to whom need to I ahead of the letter to get money back. Their representative informed me that FBD/No Nonsense Insurance by no means refunded money paid for coverage but that my top rate might be reduced once I renewed my policy in March 2019.

David says he has emailed the enterprise on four occasions seeking rationalization and possibly money back, but he has were given neither. “They did respond to me by way of the letter on July 2d apologizing for the put off in sorting it out,” he says. “In the letter, they promised that within 20 operating days they would have provided me with an update on the development at the research, and they might endeavor to have reached an end to the research within 40 operating days and propose me of the outcome.” Expectations He says he is quite sure the amount of cash worried is small. Still, he’s “very annoyed using the disastrous customer support and absence of admiring offered by their proceedings branch.”

We contacted the organization and received the subsequent assertion:

“We regret that during this particular example, we did not meet this customer’s expectations. We have because been in further contact and are operating amicably with them to solve this issue. FBD takes splendid pleasure in its customer service, and it’s miles disappointing that on this particular occasion, we seem to have failed to meet those excessive standards. As is a popular exercise in the insurance region, even as an open claim exists with every other coverage provider, FBD does now not provide quotations for brand spanking new enterprise motor insurance. For present customers wherein a reduced “No Claims Discount” has been implemented and eventually, the claim is closed and settled for “Nil,” or there is a full restoration of outlay, it’s miles FBD’s coverage to offer a rebate to the customer of the distinction in top-class levied for the length wherein a discounted no claims bonus implemented and also to completely reinstate the man or woman’s “No Claims Discount.”

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