Facebook Is Trying to Stop Bogus Health Claims from Spreading Online

Facebook is running to restrict the reach of posts making “sensational fitness claims” on the way to tamp down on misinformation, in line with a brand new announcement from the social media network.


Social media websites are infamous breeding grounds for dubious health facts, from anti-vaccine arguments to too-right-to-be-true wellness claims. A Wall Street Journal research published Tuesday, the identical day Facebook made its statement, discovered that Facebook and YouTube are rife with posts selling questionable alternative cancer therapies, for example. Many of these healing procedures are unproven and can be dangerous if patients depend on them rather than medical doctor-prescribed care.

Facebook’s new coverage is meant to save you the unfold of this type of content material because, because the announcement notes, “human beings don’t like posts which are sensational or spammy, and misleading fitness content material is especially awful for our network.” The web page is likewise cracking down on posts seeking to sell products or services primarily based on unsound health claims, the assertion says.

But in preference to removing sensational health posts outright, Facebook will exchange the way they’re ranked in users’ News Feeds so that fewer humans see them. Posts that encompass positive typically used terms — ones that endorse the post either “exaggerates or misleads,” or that it’s the usage of health claims to hawk products like weight-loss tablets or medicines — will display up decrease in users’ News Feed. The approach is much like the only Facebook uses to restrict the effect of clickbait posted via publishers.

The announcement does not mention Groups in which fitness-related incorrect information regularly spreads and takes hold, inside-mounted groups.

This isn’t Facebook’s first attempt to enhance the first-rate of health facts on its web page. Along with systems like YouTube and Pinterest, Facebook has already implemented updates supposed to restrict the unfold of false anti-vaccine content material, which often proliferates online and may contribute to the kind of vaccine skepticism that has allowed measles to resurface within the U.S. In March, it announced that it’s working with agencies like the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to pick out incorrect vaccine claims to “take action” in opposition to the posters and limit the impact on their content.

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