Fitness blogger shares ‘real’ post approximately bloated belly: ‘Abs aren’t all the time’

One famous Australian fitness blogger is being praised as “actual” and “sincere” for revealing why she’s been feeling “extremely bloated” lately, musing, “abs aren’t for all time. However, body confidence and self-love maybe.”Fitness blogger

Earlier this week, Katie Lolas shared actual-life snapshots of her belly and a few private clinical information along with her Instagram following of one hundred fifty-five,000.

“Abs aren’t all the time, but body self-belief and self-love may be. The medicine I’m presently taking has made me extraordinarily bloated,” Lolas, carrying a black sports bra and green-hued workout pants, captioned selfies of her distended belly. “However, I additionally look like this after a big meal, once I consume something, I’m intolerant to and especially across the time I get [my] period.”

According to News.Com.Au, the Sydney-based “meal prep queen” suffers from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and lately had a microdiscectomy surgical operation for a ruptured disc in her back.

“I have to admit that retaining a flat belly was once actual precedence for me, but I have realized this is become unrealistic and superficial attention due to the fact despite a maximum of the pictures we see online, no one has a flat belly 24/7,” Lolas endured.
“Bloating is a 100 percentage ordinary part of existence, and I’m now not going to allow myself to experience ashamed approximately it and get caught up in the comparison recreation,” she said. “So right here I am, with my bloated belly, choosing to feel proud and thankful for all that my frame can do.”

Some distance cry away from the 33-12 months-vintage’s frequent Instagram snapshots of her rock-hard stomach and gorgeously prepared wholesome meals. Lolas’ fans quickly applauded the influencer for her honesty in the publish.
“You’re a movie star for sharing your sincere, proper part of existence!” one person cheered.

“You are simply the best! I’ve gotten to a point wherein I am obsessed with how my stomach looks. However, you’re so right,” another fan agreed. “Thank you so so a lot for this; it makes me sense regular.”

“Bloated after every meal. Thank you for being so real!” some other chimed in.

“Such an essential message especially for young ladies and ladies,” one supporter echoed. “Hope you’re recuperating properly after your surgical treatment.”

According to the opening, Lolas, who works complete time as an excessive faculty teacher, currently unfollowed most of the famed Victoria’s Secret fashions on social media in hopes of selling “extra authentic illustration of the actual world” on her tremendously famous social media channels.

“They had been ladies sharing their extravagant lifestyles, and advertisements for merchandise that I’d in no way be capable of have enough money … I want my feed to reflect my values as opposed to being ruled through the fabric and superficial,
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