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Hyderabad IT firm workforce to live returned in workplace in the course of rains

IT groups, authorities look for answers to keep away from visitors jams for the monsoon’s duration.

In Hyderabad, IT organizations have decided to go for staggered go out timings after workplace hours at some stage in heavy rains to keep away from visitors gridlocks.

The idea is to keep away from a repeat of the ultimate week’s traffic jam. At the same time, after a downpour, the Madhapur IT hub and surrounding regions noticed extreme traffic jams, with lakhs of automobiles stuck for over six hours.

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With the worst yet to come back in the wet season, the IT industry, site visitors, police, and civic government have determined to do something positive about it.

Though the companies aren’t considering any alternate in timings, they’ll construct IT-enabled actual-time verbal exchange systems to alert their employees’ approximately feasible downpours.

“We will encourage the group of workers to stay back in the office an hour or two to keep away from being caught in waterlogged roads. An hour inside the workplace, possibly, will store them multiple hours in the traffic jam,” Murali Bollu, President of Hyderabad Software Exporters Association (HYSEA).

“The range of IT personnel has doubled to 5 lakh from 2.Five lakh 4 years ago. The number of two-wheelers and 4-wheelers to have multiplied. This is adding up to the trouble, mainly after a heavy downpour,” he stated.

The association represents masses of small and massive IT corporations, which overall exports of ₹1.20 lakh crore.

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Commissioner Dana Kishore convened a sequence of meetings with Cyberabad police, HYSEA, and the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) to locate ways to keep away from a repeat ultimate week’s state of affairs.

Though the city has over four,500 km of roads, approximately seventy-five in keeping with cent of the visitor’s burden is said on a stretch of one,500 km. The range of automobiles within the metropolis is 26.5 lakh and increasing 11 according to a cent each yr.
WhatsApp networks

The GHMC will establish a WhatsApp or other IT-subsidized communication community, roping in facility managers of IT agencies within the IT hub, site visitors police, and other stakeholders.

“Based on the Indian Meteorological Department’s advisory, the GHMC will ship alerts to the facility managers 24 hours in advance of a probable heavy rain. This will be observed up with the aid of a 2nd message hours earlier than the, in all likelihood, downpour. They, in turn, will alert their employees,” Murali said.

The GHMC and site visitors police are focused on agencies with greater than 2,000 employees, particularly at some point of 4-6 pm.

“We are taking up several avenue infrastructure initiatives in and around the IT hubs at a fee of ₹25,000 crores beneath Strategic Road Development Programme. They are in diverse tiers crowning glory, and we anticipate them to be ready in two years,” Dana Kishore told a stakeholders’ assembly.

“Till they become to be had, we need to locate ways to address the trouble. From our give up, we have recognized a few dozen spots that get waterlogged where we will use pump sets to pump out floodwaters,” he said.

The IT enterprise feels that the hassle wishes to be tackled fast. “It is predicted that the wide variety of IT employees could double again to ten lakh within the next five years,” Murali stated.

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