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IAF returns shipping, refueling planes to provider after protection issues

The leader of the Israeli Air Force on Friday ordered the army’s fleet of delivery and refueling planes for education flights to return to carrier subsequent week after grounding them a closing month.

The choice to ground the C-one hundred thirty shipment shipping planes, recognized in Hebrew because the Karnaf, and the Boeing 707 refueling plane, referred to as the Re’em, changed into because of what the military said to become a civilian contractor’s failure to properly keep them.

The grounding got here on the heels of an incident in January wherein a C-one hundred thirty Hercules shipment aircraft rolled about a hundred meters right into a ditch for the duration of an engine test, lightly injuring the two civilian workers carrying out the test.

The military stated the selection to return the planes to provider came after the IAF and the government-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, which maintains the aircraft, “constant the on the spot shortcomings” and drafted a plan to also enhance upkeep and fine manage.

A check Thursday showed the improvement in the upkeep technique, the Israel Defense Forces, and an extended-term plan becomes ordered drawn up according to with the selection of the investigative committee established by way of IAF head Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin.

“The Israeli Air Force will hold to cooperate with Israeli Aerospace Industries, that is a principal aspect of the IAF’s operational competencies,” an assertion from the IDF said.

Last month, the army said its research determined that the IAI preservation workers were done the engine take a look at in January incorrectly, in a way that did now not adhere to Air Force safety requirements, and that the twist of fate became preventable.

In addition to the research into the crash itself, the Air Force stated it carried out a niche test of IAI’s performance on the base wherein the coincidence passed off and observed that “the level of professionalism was insufficient and that the Air Force codes, which IAI is contractually required to uphold, aren’t being fulfilled.”

The overview referred to screw ups to correctly file and track paintings, as well as terrible control of equipment and equipment, the army said.

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