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The Junk Food Experiment gave the impression of heaven until I noticed the results, says Sara Wallis

Imagine a first-rate huge, juicy burger slathered in melted cheese with pickles and a dollop of ketchup… Sounds awesome, proper? WRONG. Put it from your thoughts; it’s the food of satan. And if you’re questioning a greasy slice of pizza is any higher, you’d be wrong there too. If this past week has taught me something, it’s that junk food is slowly killing the kingdom, one mouth-watering bucket of fried chicken at a time with a side of fries.

The Junk Food Experiment gave the impression of heaven until I noticed the results, says Sara Wallis 11

Six celebs learned this the complicated way in ITV’s a great deal-mentioned documentary, The Junk Food Experiment. To prove what we already understand – that speedy food is terrible for us – singer Peter Andre, The Chase mastermind Shaun Wallace, MP Nadine Dorries, actress Hayley Tamaddon, Olympian Tessa Sanderson, and Made In Chelsea’s Hugo Taylor all signed up for 21 days gorging on burgers, fried bird and pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This didn’t sound like a ­entire complication at the beginning. A loose skip to eat horrific stuff for three weeks – throw in a few Dairy Milk and a container set, and you’re offering up my quality existence. But as the celebs scoffed a whopping 50 in step with cent greater calories than needed, our bodies broke down earlier than our very eyes, and they dropped like flies. Suddenly it didn’t seem pretty so attractive. And there’s nothing like a Tory flesh-presser displaying their poo pattern to place you off your TV snacks. Health meals fan Hugo, 32, changed into the first to escape having freaked out over the limitless beige food. He had a tension attack, ­announcing it made him “experience dirty.”

Tessa, 62, changed into ordered to give up after ­medical doctors found she turned into at serious chance of stroke while her blood pressure soared. Hayley, 42, who already has irritable bowel syndrome, had such an infected gut she becomes also warned to prevent it. “I’m truly sincerely in pain,” she said through tears. Three down, most effective three remained. However, none have been in a happy vicinity. Nadine, sixty-one, felt “ghastly,” had sharp belly pains, and have become forgetful. Confessed “junk meals junkie” Shaun, fifty-eight, turned into in hazard of growing Type 2 diabetes. And, scarily, he was ­identified with sleep apnoea. In his case, it made him stop respiratory for greater than ten ­seconds some instances a night. Even gym bunny Peter, 45, who became “lovin’ it” at first, in the end, succumbed after placing on half a stone. “What I’d do for a nice apple,” he moaned.

By the time we saw an aggressive eater shovel 12 Krispy Kremes down her throat in only over a minute, I felt nauseous. With the celebs bloated, sweating, and shaking by the quit, this was an actual take-heed call and a stark insight into Britain’s, ahem, growing obesity crisis. I assume I’ve been removed junk meals for existence. Well, OK, at the least every week. Kale smoothie, anybody?

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