What Are the Essentials for a Long and Loving Marriage?

Marriage is one of the most important traditions we have as human beings. For many people, it’s a big event in their lives, splurging thousands of dollars for it. However, despite the importance of such a tradition, many people tend to find less meaning in it every passing year. This then leads to divorce only a couple of years into the relationship.

Loving Marriage

We all know that being married isn’t easy. About 50% of married people get divorced in the U.S., with a decent chunk divorcing during the first five years of the relationship. This is an inherent problem because what children see, children do. Children start to accept that they too will be divorced in the future or don’t plan ever to get married.

It is up to us as parents to maintain a long and loving relationship with our partners so that our children will believe in the tradition of marriage. However, this isn’t simple, but it’s possible to do with a bit of determination, cooperation, and humility. But first, it’s essential to accept that getting help is expected once you’ve reached a crossroads with your partner.

Accepting Help

It’s hard to put our pride aside sometimes, especially when it comes to personal matters. As parents, we have that pride that we can fix whatever’s going on in our families. But it’s essential to get a marriage counselor if you think that everything isn’t going well with your partner. It will be a process, but at least it will be a guided one.

Accepting help is essential for every married couple that’s suffering. However, it can be from friends or counselors. Any use should be obtained to keep the marriage together. If you both decide to go down this path alone, you’ll only learn to hate each other more. A new lens into your relationship can make a difference between severing it or saving it. So make sure to accept help when it’s offered.

Forget About the Material Things

Debt is one of the main reasons married couples divorce. It’s a severe problem for many Americans, considering that about 80% of the population is debt. One of the main reasons so many Americans are in debt is our culture is centered on materialism nowadays.

Materialism and consumerism are problematic for every marriage because it seems that you can never get enough for yourself. However, once you’ve placed yourself under the oath of marriage, you promised not to only look after yourself but to look after your partner and potential children as well. Unfortunately, this is where most marriages break down and where most couples decide to keep splurging until they are incomplete debt.

Materialism ruins marriages, and although it’s good to buy a couple of things for yourself, you should also learn to save money for your family’s future. It’s one of the things that will determine whether you’re going to have a long-lasting marriage or not.


Communication is more complicated than we think it is because it entails trust between partners. Unfortunately, many partners out there have been in a relationship for so long but have yet to scratch the surface of communication.

The reality is that each relationship has unique communication styles, and it’s up to you to find out which one fits your relationship. It will take a lot of trial and error, but once you’ve built trust among yourselves, it becomes easier from thereon. You’ll never discover which communication style fits for you if you and your partner give up.

It’s Good to Have Personal Time

Having some personal time is good, especially if you’ve been with your partner for quite some time. So feel free to go out and explore the world by yourself, or maybe lock yourself in your room and enjoy your favorite book or movie.

We all know that our partners might not have the same likes we do. They might not like the activities we do with our friends. They might not understand why we enjoy such activities. But it’s all accepting the uniqueness we all have inside us and assuming that we like to do some things alone that keeps our marriage intact.

Having some personal time for yourself is good. Feel free to schedule it with your partner, and remind them that this time is for you.

A family relies a lot on the relationship between husband and wife. This is why you should have a good, loving, and lasting relationship with your partner. By following the suggestions we’ve given above, you should be able to achieve that, given that you’re patient with one another.

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