Man claims he liquids milk and Coke collectively – and those are without a doubt disgusted

If you have not been on Twitter in the final 24 hours, you’ll be forgiven for now not knowing approximately milk Coke.

What is milk Coke, you ask?

It’s made, accurately as you’d count on, by mixing Coca-Cola and milk. And while most people assume that sounds revolting, comedy writer James Felton claims it’s a hundred percentage actual drink that people in Birmingham love. To show his factor, he tweeted several pix of himself playing the beverage. His tweet quick-triggered a stir on social media as people started out debating whether or not milk Coke has to be allowed to exist.

Man claims he liquids milk and Coke collectively - and those are without a doubt disgusted 11

More than 4,000 human beings have liked he publishes, and every other 1,000 have retweeted it. He said: “Milk coke is a real element. Brummies love it. We can all move on from this discussion now; I can be taking no also questions.” Many humans had been disgusted with the aid of the drink concept and were not afraid to inform him so. One man or woman commented: “This is the worst f***ing publish in this godforsaken internet site.” Another wrote: “This seems like a completely disappointing coke waft. Birmingham, you deserve higher.

A 0.33 introduced: “Contacting your loved ones to a degree an intervention.

However, it appears his circle of relatives enjoy the wonderful drink just like an awful lot as he does, with his dad Paul and his sister confirming that milk Coke is an “issue.” But Paul Felton did stipulate that it should best be made with UHT milk; in any other case, it, in reality, could be “disgusting.” Despite this, some humans have been taken with milk, Coke, and similar soda and milk mixtures. A guy named Iain stated he used to drink limeade and milk as a kid. He posted: “I did this as a child with limeade and sterilized milk. Delish, had to gulp it down tho earlier than it curdled.” An extraordinary person admitted her boyfriend used to drink “bean milk,” that is Ribena diluted with milk in preference to water.

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