New Jersey Camp Counselors Fired For Allegedly Forcing Kids To Sit In Scorching Heat As Punishment

TOMS RIVER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Three New Jersey summer season camp counselors were fired after allegedly disciplining younger youngsters outside in the hot summer season solar.

Temperatures reached into the nineties on Monday, on the way to only imagine how hot the black pinnacle got for a collection of campers in Ocean County.

A mom says her son felt that heat first hand on the Toms River Youth Services Camp. Sandra Rodriguez Santora posted on Facebook alleging her son changed into pressured to sit down at the blacktop as punishment this week. Santora stated on social media her toddler suffered second-degree burns from the hot ground.

New Jersey
Her neighbor Jaqueline Pascual is known as the situation related to six to eleven-year-olds bad.

“As a determine we turn your children over to individuals so we can visit work, assured in those individuals that they’re going to take exact care of our children. It’s a hard issue to should leave your youngsters and visit work, but that’s a fact,” Pascual stated.

Toms River Township officers would now not go on the digital camera to speak approximately the incident; CBS2’s Meg Baker told the counselors concerned had been fired.

The case is being investigated via the nation’s department of baby safety and permanency. In her post, Santora called the state of affairs toddler endangerment. Others inside the area have been bowled over to listen about it.

“I can believe the kids were in ache the complete time. You can’t put children on the warm blacktop like that,” Nat Amadeo said.

Pascual wondered if the teenager counselors have been given any education.

“The director ought to be held responsible.”

Her youngsters attend different camps in town. She’s taught them to ask to call domestic if a state of affairs doesn’t seem proper.

“I ask them if they may assist me in a few ways and if there was a person that I ought to use their cellphone to name my mom,” eleven yr-old Jake Martinez explained.

On Wednesday, CBS2 heard counselors telling kids not to sit at the black pinnacle. A lesson learned a few days too late for different counselors.

Toms River’s Youth Services runs an 8-week summer camp commenced on June 24 for children six to eleven. The Ocean County prosecutor said no criminal reason changed into discovery.
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