Some of you do not need to travel foreign places — those are the reasons why

Why travel the sector while you can experience it from the consolation of your couch? This became the argument of many non-visitors who spoke back to our latest tale on why forty in line with the cent of Aussies do not head overseas. As well as a preference for armchair travel, a lot of you want to peer greater of Australia instead, or are bored stiff with the queues and crowds at airports. There turned into additionally a first-rate difficulty for the environmental effect airline journey is having on our planet. We’ve collated the motives you’re staying at home, from feedback on the tale to emails sent to the Life inbox.

Some of you do not need to travel foreign places — those are the reasons why 11

Here’s a spread of what you shared.

With documentaries and the net, ‘I see no want.’ When you could use the loss, movies, documentaries, and TV shows to look at the world, I see no want to tour overseas. It’s steeply-priced, it is full of annoyances and frustrations, it could be dangerous, and there are too many humans at your vacation spot already beside! — Nostril It is the single most detrimental issue a human can do, and it is about time we stopped it. Watch a doco, examine overseas books, watch foreign films — perhaps even keep in mind mingling with the very various cultures already dwelling in Australia (and that we are so frequently malign). — Linda Cockburn

I haven’t any hobby in travel, by no means have. Now we have the net, I am happy to armchair travel, [and have] likely visible and recognize approximately additional locations and people in the international than many. I am a voracious reader and can’t get enough online. — Mae Sidney Google and Google Earth enable everyone to journey anywhere inside the globe at the press of a key. You can be as worldly as the maximum avid traveler without having spent a cent. — Liz Glynn

I could instead see Australia.

I want to tour greater. However, I must admit I’m beaten by way of how an awful lot is on the market — how can you pin down precisely in which you need to head and while? That’s why I’m much more likely to tour interstate regularly to coincide with an exhibition or a competition I’ve heard about and want to go to. — LKD, I hardly ever assume going to a motel in Bali makes one culturally conscious. Australia is a rustic of many cultures, and lots of lovely locations and reviews may be had without leaving our shores. — Brisbane it

I’ve visible masses of strong rock right here in Australia and would love to look extra. But do I have the urge to travel abroad? No longer. Several reasons for this. Family and finance is a huge one. But so is the truth every time I turn on social media feeds, they’re dripping with the same boring shots of Europe, Bali, Thailand… yawn. — Grumpy38yearold

the lengthy-haul flights and, now, extended congestion and security issues placed me off.

Generally, the actual journey, i.E. Getting to and out of your vacation spot, is, I find, very disturbing. There are many exquisite locations and points of interest to enjoy our very own outdoor. Liz Glynn, I can’t stand the hassles of having to and from airports, going via security in which now and again the beeps go off, now and yet they do not — even when sporting the precise equal garments. — Peter Wilson What stops us from traveling now? On a pension, the price is the pinnacle issue—also the fee of a passport renewal (no discounts). Then there may be the indignity of queues, protection tests, and no presumption of innocence at each airport and stopover. At our age, we can’t manage cramped financial system long-hauls (or over-priced commercial enterprise magnificence), so stopovers are critical, notwithstanding the more cost. — ChrisR1

Australians have very excessive environmental footprints. For individuals who fly, the very best component of our greenhouse fuel footprint (after having kids) is from worldwide flights. It is unlucky, however, something that those people who want to be responsible need to come to phrases with. — Jonathan10, A perfect motive for limiting remote places tour, is that aviation now contributes over 1/2 a billion heaps of Co2 emissions every year into our already over-polluted atmosphere. Grandkids might not thank us. — Peter Innes (You can take a look at this text for more statistics approximately the environmental impact of travel.) Thanks to each person who proportion their thoughts with ABC Life. Some feedback was edited for clarity and brevity.

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