Here are five things in technology that passed off this past week and the way they affect your business. Did you leave out them?

1 — Target takes a distinctive method for the brand spanking new online market.

According to a new CNBC report, Target is slowly, carefully starting up its website to third-birthday party sellers with an invitation-simplest Target+ initiative. The agency is being very selective approximately who it invitations and has been testing the waters with companies who had been selected primarily based on ‘what humans are trying to find,’ consistent with Target’s marketing and virtual boss. These consist of wearing goods store Mizuno, academic toy maker Kaplan, and keyboard massive Casio

Why that is crucial on your business:

If a success, Target’s method could probably rival Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba and provide but some other platform where companies of all sizes can sell their merchandise and reach new audiences.

2 — Microsoft is pitching its maximum futuristic technology to companies rather than trying to wow consumers.

Last weekend, at the Mobile World Congress—a cell trade display in Barcelona—Microsoft did not focus on fancy new phones for clients but instead took its most futuristic technology and showed how it could be used to make agencies greater efficient. Microsoft additionally introduced its HoloLens 2 augmented reality device, which has been massively stepped forward over its previous model and will sell for about $3,500.

Why this is essential for your enterprise:

As I wrote here I trust the HoloLens 2 will have a significant impact on agencies with uses ranging from Troubleshooting, analyzing, retaining and fixing equipment at the floor using interactive publications, guidelines and diagrams to treating humans or animals onsite during an emergency wherein the scientific technician is given instantaneous visible commands or is acting as the eyes and ears for a more experienced doctor who is positioned doubtlessly thousands of miles away.

Three — Half of the C-degree pros say blockchain will exchange how their tech companies do business.

A new KPMG survey shows that almost half of (forty-eight %) of IT executives trust blockchain will alternate the way their groups do enterprise over the subsequent three years. Respondents additionally stated that the most significant advantage of blockchain is improved commercial enterprise performance, and 41% percent reported they’re ‘probably’ or ‘very likely’ to implement blockchain in the next three years

Why this is crucial in your commercial enterprise:

In the survey, the execs said they agree with the finest disruption from blockchain adoption can be in the Internet of Things, where it’s anticipated to assist track software program upgrades, product refills, and product warranties. Look for many new applications of these programs to be to be had for your enterprise in the coming years. It’s worth understanding all that blockchain does.

Four — Lenovo’s smallest and high-quality-promoting ThinkPad laptops get refreshed for 2019.

This week, Lenovo has announced some mostly incremental updates to its more less expensive IdeaPad laptops, and it’s ThinkPad X and T collection. Since the models beneath $1,000 are what most clients purchase, Lenovo is now trying to bring some of its extra top rate functions to those lower-priced fashions. For example, the corporation’s updated IdeaPad S540 now consists of Intel’s eighth Gen Core i7 processors or AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700U processors and an alternative for Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 discrete portraits card. Lenovo will release three versions in April and June: a 14-inch Intel version beginning at $879.Ninety-nine, a 15-inch model at $849.Ninety-nine, and a 14-inch AMD version starting at $729.Ninety-nine.


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