The Stroller: This dessert is probably a bit heavy

TODAY’S WORD is an adage. Example: Instead of talking immediately approximately situations, her grandmother quoted adages, along with “a stitch in time saves 9” and “nothing ventured, not anything gained.” SUNDAY’S WORD became acrimonious. Its manner imply-spirited, sour or sick-natured. Example: Sharon’s ex-husband remained bitter, sneaky, and sarcastic for the rest of his existence. However, his new spouse turned into usually fascinating and well mannered.

The Stroller: This dessert is probably a bit heavy 11

In Sunday’s Stroller, we shared George Washington’s eggnog recipe, courtesy of Gail Vogler of Martinsville. Now here is Martha Washington’s Great Cake Recipe, as written down by using granddaughter Martha Parke Curtis: “Take forty eggs and divide the whites from the yolks and beat them to a froth, then paintings 4 pounds of butter to a cream and put the whites of eggs to it a spoon at a time till it is properly paintings then 4 kilos of sugar finely powdered to it in the identical depend then positioned the yolks of eggs and five kilos of flour and five pounds of fruit 2 hours will bake it upload to it half an oz. Of mace and nutmeg half of a pint of wine and some fresh brandy.” An ebook club meets the 0.33 Thursday of each month at 3 p.M. At the Spencer-Penn Centre. There’s still time to read this month’s book, Gentleman in Mosque” with the aid of Amor Towles. In April, the ebook could be “Mud Season” using Ellen Stimson, and in May, the book can be “Educated” by using Tara Westover.

The Patrick County Alzheimer’s Group will keep a considerable rummage sale from eight a.M. To four pm. Thursday via Saturday on the Stuart Rotary Building on Woodland Drive. Items for sale will consist of furniture, glassware, antiques, and Don Graham artwork. Debit cards and credit score cards can be standard. All proceeds will go to help households coping with Alzheimer’s and different types of dementia.

Justin Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada, but Queen Elizabeth’s portrait is on Canada’s sector. Canada, once under British management, became a self-governing dominion in 1867. At the same time, retaining ties to the British crown. Canada repatriated its charter from the UK in 1982, severing a final colonial relationship. However, reputedly Canadians nevertheless have been found in their queen. Queen Elizabeth stays Canada’s reliable chief of the kingdom because February 1952, represented by Gov. Gen. Julie Payette. Those are by and substantial ceremonial roles. The function of the top minister makes Trudeau Canada’s official head of government. Queen Elizabeth came to the throne in 1952, and her portrait was placed on the Canadian zone the yr after that. The picture has been updated some instances through the many years to keep up with her appearance at numerous tiers of life of her long reign.

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