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Three American children removed from dad and mom’ home through Norway’s toddler services

An American mom now residing in Norway is requesting the return of her three American-born kids after they have been eliminated from the family domestic in May, much less than 12 months after shifting to the Scandinavian country from Atlanta, Georgia.Three American children removed from dad and mom' home through Norway’s toddler services 11

American citizen Natalya Shutakova is now talking out a month after her youngsters, elderly 7 to 11, had been eliminated from the home about 70 miles southwest of Oslo using Norway’s controversial baby shielding services organization, Barnevernet, on May 20.

The children — 11-12 months-antique Brigita, nine-12 months-antique Nikita, and seven-12 months-vintage Elizabeth — were placed in foster care. The mother and father now have limited traveling rights after not seeing their children for numerous weeks.

Shutakova says that she and her husband, Lithuanian citizen Zigintas Aleksandravicius, were accused of “child mistreatment,” a declaration that they outright deny.

Shutakova stored quiet approximately the ordeal for almost a month, claiming that she turned into advised that she could be jailed for about two years if they spoke publicly about the case earlier than June 11.

But now that June eleven has passed, Shutakova is commencing up about the case.

In a recent podcast interview with Björn Korf, the founder of the Austrian-based advocacy institution Step Up four Children’s Rights, Shutakova stated that her children had been removed from the home Monday night following a long vacation weekend in which they celebrated their oldest daughter’s birthday.

During the birthday party, the parents gave eleven-12 months-vintage Brigita a mobile cellphone.

“After misbehaving over the weekend, we decided to take it to lower back in disciplinary degree. She was given dissatisfied with us for taking that present far away from her,” Shutakova explained.

On Monday, Shutakova got a message from Brigita’s instructor that her daughter didn’t have lunch and changed into hungry. Shutakova instructed Korf that she usually packed lunches for her kids and told the faculty why her toddler did not have something to consume.

The trainer told Shutakova that it changed into now, not the first time that Brigita went hungry without a lunch. Shutakova stated she turned into “greatly surprised” to listen to this type of element due to the fact she continually sends her youngsters “to high school with a full lunchbox.”

According to Shutakova, Brigita has had a history of lying in the past and believes her daughter may also lie on that event.

“She changed into hiding the lunch in the bookbag,” Shutakova stated. “That turned into the cause she turned into hungry.”

“Also, on my May twentieth, she had complained about dad and mom eliminating her smartphone over the weekend,” Shutakova continued. “On the 17th of May, all people saw her glad on her birthday all through the celebration and the whole lot. On Monday, while she returned to high school from the long weekend, she wasn’t satisfied. That stuck the trainer’s attention due to the fact, what ought to have come about?”

Shutakova said that three police motors came to the residence that Monday night after nine p.M. While the children have been drowsing. The whole circle of relatives became taken to a police station near their home in Notodden. The circle of relatives changed into held there for over 24 hours, she said.

“It became the maximum terrible issue that has ever passed off to me in my existence because I never broke the regulation,” she declared. “This becomes shocking to me to be in jail for the primary time in my lifestyles for something that I even have not dedicated.”

She told Korf that she and her husband had been accused of “baby mistreatment.”

“That is pretty plenty all they say. After that, we were puzzled via the Barnevernet,” she defined. “Then the police knew as us again for more wondering. It hit our own family so awful. This isn’t always why I got here to Norway. I got here for a terrific life.”

Shutakova informed The Christian Post in a Facebook message that she become asked via police investigators if she or her husband ever hit any of their kids. In Norway, it’s miles unlawful for dad and mom to spank their kids.

“The accusations are not genuine,” Shutakova assured of the declare they hit their youngsters. “Just closing Friday, we met with all three children, and our oldest daughter stated she is sorry for all the things she stated she didn’t imply to say that. She regrets the whole thing. She turned into crying and begging CPS to permit visit moms and dads.”

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