U: Dessert Story Vintage makes Marina debut, with cakes and extra

Craving desserts? You’re in good fortune: A new business has opened its doorways within the community. The fresh arrival to the Marina, known as U : Dessert Story Vintage, is positioned at 2120 Greenwich St.

U: Dessert Story Vintage has any other vicinity throughout the city within the Castro. The spot gives sweet treats in flavors inspired through Thailand, Japan, and Korea. On the menu, search for boba Thai tea bingsoo (Korean shaved ice), chocolate organic matcha lava cake or mango sticky rice toast. Explore the full menu here.

With a 4-big name rating out of 30 evaluations on Yelp thus far, the new addition has obtained an excellent response.

Jimmy C., who turned into a few of the first Yelpers to check the brand new spot on June 29, wrote, “Everything in U: Dessert Story became sweeter than ever: customer support, menu options, and the entire decor. If I had been to return, it is going to be just cakes.”

Yelper Maria S. Delivered, “ What’s better than the bingsoo at U: Dessert Story? Having brunch options too! The smooth beginning changed into a high-quality advent to the brand new vicinity and menu objects.”

Head on over to test it out: U: Dessert Story Vintage is open from nine:30 a.M.–three:30 p.M. And five p.M.–middle of the night every day.

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For a crunchy texture try to use crusts, cookies, biscuits chopped nut garnishes, deep fried ice cream
For a melt on your mouth soft texture strive poached or baked culmination maybe fruit pastes.
Creamy, rich textures try to use in the classical sense strive parfaits or fruit and chocolate mousses.

Fresh and attractive

Natural shapes and colors
clear consciousness factor
foams and mousses(those small bubbles you notice in them make it tons extra attractive)
Important to be aware when operating with gelatin there’s stability among too much and to little try and keep on with the recipe, too much will make your dessert to spongy and hard even as too little will make now not permit your combination to set nicely.

Height and length Always a traditional when sitting in a pleasant eating place and your dessert is being placed on the desk and it has fallen over, I always use to believe that it turned into the waiters negligence that tipped the dessert over until I have become a chef, now I blame incompetent chefs who assemble impressive cakes however do no longer evaluate its practicality.

Keep cakes at a practical height, at a peak in which it could stand while not having to feel such as you balancing a pin on your finger.
And in case you looking to provide it outstanding peak use a constant base consisting of fruit or piped chocolate.
And of route do now not permit your dessert to be so large it takes up the entire plate, make sure proper portioning.


Don’t blend and in shape flavors, nothing is worse than having an incredible dessert with multiple flavors that don’t complement each different.
Food coloring needs to be forbidden in all desserts, preserve the unique flair and taste and color of all elements(id shoot the chef if I observed sky blue chocolate on my plate)
The temperature usually serves as a mix of factors, warm and cold, frozen or tempered.

Lastly Shape

Natural shapes are at instances great
for plated cakes if you want to reveal off a few knife talents make certain it is to the tee. Nobody likes seeing a brunoise cut a bit off from the rest
Different shapes on the identical plate continually provide the plate some lifestyles(as is the plates geared up to bounce)

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