Von Ebert Brewing’s VEB Pilsner Recipe

Dough in all the milling with a water/grist ratio of 0.5 gal/lb (1.9 l/454 g). Add 1.8 g of calcium sulfate (CaSO4). Target a mash pH of 5.2. Rest at 147°F (64°C) for forty-five minutes. Slowly raise the temperature to 168°F (75°C). Vorlauf for 15–20 minutes or until clean.

Von Ebert Brewing's VEB Pilsner Recipe 11


Boil for 90 minutes, following the hops agenda. Add a fining agent if favored. Aerate at five pm (liters according to the minute) for 25 mins. Pitch the yeast at 53°F (12°C) with a pitch rate of 1. Three million cells/ml/°P. Hold the temperature at 53°F (12°C) till the gravity drops beneath 1.023, then let the heat unfastened upward thrust to sixty-five °F (18°C), if feasible, and preserve until the gravity is consistent. A diacetyl pressure test has been surpassed.

One of the keys to this beer is the combo of Pilsner malts. Experiment with other options. If viable, strive to spend (a technique frequently used to carbonate lagers the usage of a tool known as a spending valve), then topping off carbonation with head stress most effective. Serve using the gradual-pour approach for maximum leisure.

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