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Woman arrested, accused of assaulting Haywood Co. Rapid meals worker

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — At many McDonald’s you could get a few quite properly offers, even a Happy Meal, but on Sunday morning, police say one consumer wasn’t so happy to watch for her meal.

In the video, you can see a girl having communication with a McDonald’s cashier.

The woman, Marquenta Gladwell, is who Brownsville police stated became sad approximately the long look ahead to her meals.

Unsatisfied with the provider, the arrest warrant says Gladwell started assaulting the cashier usually.

The arrest warrant similarly states Glidwell known as the McDonald’s cashier a derogatory name extra than once. One of these names turned into “white supremacist.” The other allegedly turned into a slur about the cashier’s sexuality.

Also, in step with the arrest warrant, Gladwell knowingly and willingly struck the McDonald’s cashier inside the face several times with a Taser.

The warrant additionally said the alleged victim had burn marks, two small cuts to his throat and swollen eyes.

Gladwell turned into positioned at the back of bars, however, has been released on a $10,000 bond.

She is scheduled to appear July 30 in Haywood County courtroom for annoyed attack expenses.

However, creating jobs ought to now not be used as an excuse, although. They are nonetheless convincing people to consume their meals with the aid of the usage of the media and different assets of advertising. Fast food chains collectively spend approximately $3 billion annually on tv advertising and marketing, maximum of it directed at youngsters-communicate about innovative advertising. By attaining out to children, they (the fast food giants) guarantee themselves a future. What is the factor in reaching the older crowd when you consider that they are already hooked to their food? They want to reach a virgin marketplace. Yep, women and gents, they’re targeting your kids. While you are attempting your quality to train your children to undertake a healthful way of life through making their lunch ordinary, making them take part in after-school sports activities, encouraging them to keep away from unhealthy temptation, the industry is spending numerous hundreds of thousands of bucks to brainwash them about what food to eat. I guess you agree with me that those are counter-effective measures. Can this ever give up? I do not assume so. Unless Congress confronts one of the underlying factors in health prices for the united states of America, we might by no means see any progress.

There is some true information, although. We’ve seen some modifications in this enterprise in the past few years. McDonald’s and other fast meals chains have tried to put into effect a few healthy items in their menus. Americans are finally seeing a few selections offered to them: salad in a cup followed by using low fats salad dressings is one superb end result. Although maximum customers are nevertheless now not ordering these healthier items, they do have the choice anytime they preference.

Diners can now order salads, baked potatoes and grilled bird sandwiches, some of which weren’t on eating places’ authentic menus. Jeff Bonasia, Burger King’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, says patron surveys discovered that forty-one percent of Burger King’s “heavy customers”, the pork eaters, desired a vegetarian burger on their menu.

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