Meet the person who drinks a pint of his very own URINE each day claiming he has never felt more healthy

A man has found out he feels higher than ever after he commenced ingesting extra than a pint of his urine every morning – and claims it tastes like a bitter ale. Fabian Farquharson, 37, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, first started the weird practice three years ago after studying approximately the purported fitness blessings on-line. The indoor clothier starts offevolved each day with a pint of fresh urine, chased down with three hundred-400ml of old pee, and claims the great thirst quencher has left him feeling healthier and happier, and smarter. He defined: ‘I’d been learning alternative drugs once I read about consuming elderly urine. I’ve been continuously open-minded approximately that type of factor, so I decided to present it as a pass and drink it sparkling.

Meet the person who drinks a pint of his very own URINE each day claiming he has never felt more healthy 19

‘It tasted a piece like a bitter ale, to begin with, it was quite robust however not a horrible taste, and I had no hassle completing the glass. ‘It becomes about half an hour later that I started to experience first-rate, I become bursting with energy. Now I’m in no way move a day without it and might advise it to each person.’ Fabian began researching opportunity drug treatments and holistic treatments in 2013 when he kept experiencing pains in his stomach, which could not get to the lowest. He said: ‘I became traveling plenty for paintings and eating junk meals – Burger King, McDonald’s, whatever convenient. ‘I turned into getting plenty of pain in my belly and scans couldn’t discover an ulcer or anything that could explain it, so I started out looking on-line an increasing number of. ‘I’ve usually been pretty into holistic health, but that turned into once I started to undertake it into my existence more – beginning with my food regimen.’

Originally from Birmingham, Fabian adopted a ‘fruitarian’ diet – ingesting raw culmination nearly wholly – and without delay noticed a difference. Fabian recalled: ‘I started to take away ‘regular’ foods and ate the handiest fruit. I’ll use mangoes, pineapple, strawberries, and fruit and add chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp powder to make a smoothie. ‘I fast started to sense excellent. I had extra strength than I had in years, and could feel my nicely being improving.’ From there, his foray right into a more significant opportunity method to fitness escalated, and in 2015 Fabian determined to take the plunge and drink his urine.

Fabian said that his buddies and own family ‘weren’t that surprised’ because he has usually been a bit off the wall in his technique to fitness. After playing the ‘advantages’ of clean urine, he speedy began to leave some for up to a month – or till it reaches the desired PH stage of 9. The idea, Fabian says, is that through getting older it the urine goes through a ‘magnification method,’ and any alleged advantages could be more potent. Explaining the method of aging his urine, Fabian stated: ‘I save it in glass containers like mason jars, label it with the date after which leave it for around 30 days.

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