Facebook says it wants to address deceptive health claims

(CNN)Facebook says it wants to make sure its customers aren’t duped by posts that make exaggerated or sensational health claims.

The social media giant said Tuesday it had updated its ratings so humans’ news feeds will display fewer posts that, for instance, assert a miracle therapy or promote drugs that promise that will help you shed pounds.

“Misleading fitness content material is terrible for our community,” Facebook product supervisor Travis Yeh stated in a weblog publish.
“Pages have to avoid posts approximately fitness that exaggerates or deceive people and posts that attempt to promote merchandise the use of health-related claims.”
The corporation stated it might do this to identify phrases that were commonly used in such posts.

health claims
Facebook and different social media structures have been criticized for failing to minimize the spread of health-related incorrect information online, especially around vaccines.
Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s leader operating officer, instructed CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta ultimate month that the company has “a responsibility” to provide its users with safe and accurate fitness data.

Facebook introduced in March that it was running to address vaccine misinformation on its platform using reducing the distribution of organizations and pages that unfold anti-vax content and rejecting advertisements that encompass misinformation approximately vaccines, amongst different strategies.
“It’s taking us a while to ramp this [up], and we are operating with specialists around the arena, but we’re very, very devoted to getting this right,” Sandberg informed CNN. “We are dramatically lowering the distribution and operating on far fewer people seeing it.

In some of the instances, we’re taking matters down, as well.”
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