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WOMAN OF PASSION: Any errand, any time, anywhere

Winnie Lijodi had been hired for 2 years before she ventured into entrepreneurship. Within the ones two years, she worked for two one-of-a-kind companies. “My first agency turned into a branding and printing firm based totally in Westlands, Nairobi,” says Winnie, who’s in her early thirties. She labored for twelve months and would take home 15,000 per month.

WOMAN OF PASSION: Any errand, any time, anywhere 11

In early 2016, she was given another task at a neighborhood financial institution. She becomes hired at Kenya Commercial Bank underneath contractual phrases with a monthly retainer pay of Sh25,000. Although her new revenue turned into slightly better than what she was incomes on the printing company, it became still little in assessment to what many her peers have been making within the company international.

The especially expanded fee of dwelling in Nairobi did no longer make matters any easier to bear. But whichever way she checked out it, working on the financial institution became corresponding to a dream come true. “It changed into a possibility that I may want to have sacrificed a higher pay for. I changed into convinced that it would launch me onto a host of larger and moneymaking possibilities within the banking zone,” she says.

If you have the preference and forethought to begin your enterprise from home, turning into a creative errand provider individual might be right up your alley. I’ll share some of the stairs it takes to become powerful and green in this enterprise.

Everyone needs allow with many obligations around their house. With the ever change in the financial system, many human beings want to paintings extra, a few ought to work two jobs, however, do not have time to get the whole lot finished at home. Your job will be to assist these new clients that need help with their errands. Some of the errands you may be doing on an ordinary basis can be: Picking up dry cleaning, taking the dog for grooming, grocery or gift buying, choosing up the children, and taking them to their after schools occasions. It’s first-rate to take a seat down with the purchaser whom you will be doing the errands for and asking her or him for information. You can go over how many earnings you’ll want in step with an hour for every mission. You can provide a weekly quantity on your time, such as gasoline for a tour.

You can organize their existence with the aid of using a small notebook with all in their weekly chores and errands that want to be carried out. Itemize these errands and prioritize them so you can be more green. The proprietor may be impressed at how innovative you may be. Most human beings don’t have the concept of the way to be better prepared, and that is wherein you will step in to fill that want. Becoming an innovative errand service character requires extraordinary organizational capabilities that you will gain with time and efficiency.

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